Thoughts on Teacher Appreciation

When a musician finishes a great performance, the audience applauses. When an outfielder makes a great catch, the audience cheers. What happens when a teacher finishes a great lecture, or introduces a well designed assignment?  Usually not applause or cheering.

I would venture to say that the majority of teachers feel unappreciated, or at least under appreciated at their school sites and with their students and parents.

In a conversation with a frustrated teacher the other day the comment was made, “the parents don’t know half of what I’ve done for their kids.”  This got me to thinking, why don’t more parents know the extent to which we go for their kids?

The answer is, because we don’t tell them.

How can a parent be appreciative of something that they don’t know is happening?

So then, the question for myself and others is, what steps can we take to ensure that parents know what it is that we are doing for their kids? Certainly if nothing else, this discussion reinforces the importance of clear communication between the classroom and the home.

In making my own classroom communication plans I’m thinking of things like class website, monthly calendar or newsletter, weekly or daily summary/ review podcasts.

What forms of communication are others using to ensure that parents know what’s happening in the classroom?  Any teachers have parents follow them on Twitter or Facebook?

As a parent myself it is very easy to be thankful and appreciative of the work that I know my son’s teacher does for him, but impossible to be appreciative for things she does that I never hear about.  Not feeling appreciated yourself for the work that you do?  First make sure that others actually know what it is that you’re doing.

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